Precision Dairy Farming

We are happy to announce that the next North American Conference on Precision Dairy Farming will be held in Bloomington, MN on June 22-23 2021. Please mark your calendars!!

Precision dairy farming is one of the major topics that influences dairy farming developments world-wide. Precision dairy farming involves the use of technologies to measure physiological, behavioral, and production indicators on individual animals. The primary goals of precision dairy farming are to 1) maximize animal per­formance, 2) detect diseases in individual cows early, 3) detect herd level health and production problems early and 4) minimize the use of medication through preventive health measures. The use of precision dairy farming technologies enables the fulfillment of these goals without (too much) additional labor input, something that is increasingly important on current dairy farms. Examples of precision dairy farming technologies in­clude milk yield recording systems, milk component monitors, activity monitors, lying and rumination behavior moni­tors, milk conductivity indicators, and heat detection monitors. The individual animal information these technologies collect supplements observations of the herdspeople. By proper processing of these data in combination with decision support systems, the application of these sensors improves animal monitoring and decision-making.

This website contains the links to programmed and finished conferences on precision livestock farming and aims to be a source of information for the precision dairy farming community worldwide.