Precision Dairy Farming

PDF resources

In this page we want to give you some links to interesting precision dairy farming resources. If you would like see something added to this page, please provide details in an email to

Scientific resources

More and more scientific publications are becoming available regarding the field of Precision Dairy Farming. So it goes too far to provide links to all scientific papers on the topic. However, a number of interesting review or overview papers are out there and you can find links to those papers underneath. By clicking on the journal you will be linked to that paper. We do not claim to be complete here, if you have something interesting, please let us k now. Moreover, recently we quit placing articles from so-called “predatory” journals in this list.

Companies active in PDF

Currently countless larger and smaller companies are active in the field of Precision Dairy Farming. More firms than we will be able to mention here. However, in 2024, IFCN Dairy Research network, together with Progressive Dairy, organized the second Dairy Global Tech Mapping Event. They created a great infographic on companies active in Precision dairy farming.

Organizational resources

A growing number of (farmer) organizations in the world have overview of technology to be used on dairy farms.

Dairy Australia

Project resources

Worldwide there are a number of large projects aimed at Precision Dairy Farming. You will find some of these underneath.

D4Dairy: An EU project aimed to provide digital support to dairy management via a data-driven, networked information system, exploiting the potential of advanced technologies (mid-infra-red spectra, genome information, …) and advanced data analysis to further improve animal health, nutrition, animal welfare and product quality.

GenTore: An EU project aimed at the development of innovative genome-enabled selection and management tools to empower farmers to optimize cattle resilience and efficiency (R&E) in different and changing environments.